Anto Lonappan

Anto I Lonappan


About me

My name is Anto, and I was born and raised in the Indian state of Kerala, specifically in the city of Pathanamthitta. I received my primary education from the Seventh-day Adventist school. My higher secondary education was completed at St. Pius X, Kuttikanam. My strong interest in physics led me to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Physics, and I joined St. Berchman's College Changanassery in 2010. And I completed my Master's degree in physics from the same department in 2016. During my Master's, I developed a keen interest in cosmology, leading to my thesis on the Bayesian inference of cosmological data.

After receiving my degree, I became a project student at the Centre for Theoretical Physics at JMI in New Delhi. There, I got the opportunity to publish my very first publication, which was about drawing conclusions about dark energy based on a comprehensive collection of cosmological data. After that, I became a junior research fellow at the Presidency University in Kolkatta, where I participated in a group investigating the relationship between the growth of supermassive black holes and their host galaxies. In 2018, I was selected for the PhD research program in Astrophysics and Cosmological at SISSA in Trieste, Italy. Currently I am a member of POLARBEAR, Simons Array, and LiteBIRD collaborations, all focusing on investigating Inflationary Gravitational Waves. I completed my PhD under the supervision of Prof. Carlo Baccigalupi and Dr. Nicoletta Krachmalnicoff and Dr. Davide Poletti