POLARBEAR LargePatch -  GitHub

Likelihood and parameter estimation, Imporved constrain on r by POLARBEAR

DELL -  GitHub

Reconstruction of Kappa map, Foreground Cleaning, Delensing, CMBS4 and LiteBIRD Combination

S4BIRD -  GitHub

Pipeline for delensing LiteBIRD. It includes Quadratic Estimators, template delensing routine, pure B-mode calculations and Likelihood

ABE-I -  GitHub

Automated supermassive Blackhole Explorer(ABE) studies the co-evolution of the supermassive black holes with its host galaxies, particularly looking at the effect of AGN feedback. It uses Massive Black-Hole II simulation snapshots based on GADGET 3 to explore SBHs and its environment.


Package to calculate the different Cosmological models, which includes different Dark Energy Parameterisation , scalar fields such as minimally coupled quintessence, tachyon and galileon fields. It can be easily integrated with emcee and pymultinest.