Research Interests

  • Gravitaional Lensing of CMB
  • Cosmic Birefringence
  • CMB data analysis
  • Observational Cosmology
  • Dark Energy Phenomenology
  • Data Science


LiteBIRD science goals and forecasts: a full-sky measurement of gravitational lensing of the CMB -  JCAP
May 2024
LiteBIRD science goals and forecasts: improving sensitivity to inflationary gravitational waves with multitracer delensing -  JCAP
Feb 2024
Improved upper limit on degree-scale CMB B-mode polarization power from the 670 square-degree POLARBEAR survey -  APJ
Jan 2022
Cosmological Simulation of Galaxy Groups and Clusters-I: Global Effect of Feedback from Active Galactic Nuclei -  APJ
Jan 2020
Bayesian Evidences for Dark Energy models in light of current obsevational data -  PhysRevD
Feb 2018